About Us
The new John Tyler Elementary School opened for students in September of 2002, and serves the London Oaks, Waterview, Port Norfolk, West Park View, Shea Terrace and Glenshellah sections of Portsmouth, VA. John Tyler School is a neighborhood school, serving nearly 700 students in grades K - 6.

Emphasis on reading is one of the major distinctives of John Tyler. With two reading specialists and a full-time librarian, students receive a lot of attention in the area of learning to read. Different reading programs that are used to help students read include the Daily 5,  IReady programs, and the PALS reading program, for K-3 students. 

The parental involvement at John Tyler is among the best in Portsmouth, if not the state of Virginia. A comment that is frequently heard in conversations about John Tyler is its "Chemistry." There is a special chemistry at John Tyler Elementary, and it is made up of a team of caring, talented faculty and administration, and enthusiastic, involved parents. The P. T. A., is very active, and parents work side-by-side with the administration and faculty to achieve the very best for our students. The P. T. A., provides for student field trips to many of the educational opportunities in the Hampton Roads area.