Title I Parent & Family Engagement Policy

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Parental and Family Engagement Policy



            Waterview Elementary School’s Title I Parental Involvement Policy encourages parents of children that participate in Title I to be partners who are committed and involved in their children’s education. This policy stresses shared responsibility between the school and parents in order to attain high student achievement.  The involvement of parents in their children’s education is critical; therefore, Waterview’s Title I Parental Policy will include the following provisions:

  • Parents and the school community will develop and/or update the parental involvement policy annually.


  • The school and the Title I office will offer family opportunities that will promote student achievement and student success.


  • Establish a Title I Parent Team annually which meet quarterly during the school year to include parent representatives.


  • Host an Open House at the beginning of the school year to explain Title I program goals and convey the importance of parental involvement by the end of October.


  • Inform parents of their rights to suggest and recommend Title I projects.


  • Conduct a year end survey to determine planning for the following school year.


  • Coordinate and integrate the parental involvement strategies with other programs such as preschool and Head Start.


  • Network with community based organizations, to assist parents, by sharing information about self-improvement activities such as GED, Adult Basic Education classes, technology training, financial planning, parenting classes and vocational education.


  • Communicate timely information about Title I programs to parents and staff and inform them of any revisions in federal and state law.


Parent Compact Meeting Participants

Eric Jamison           Principal

Heather Neal         Asst. Principal

Natira Givens                      School Counselor

Jenise Broome          School Counselor

Art Williams               Title I PFE Liaison

Marie Weber                School Improvement Chair

Frankie Reasey            Grade Level Chair (K)

Sally Sharp        Grade Level Chair (1)

Samantha Loper    Grade Level Chair (2)

Tiera Gammage  Grade Level Chair (3)

Nancy Rueben      Grade Level Chair (4)

Kelly Brewster              Grade Level Chair (5)

                John Allsbrook                 Grade Level Chair (6)

                Tanisha Adams                Parent

                Melissa Terry                   Parent

                David Lee                        Parent

                Angel Walton                   Parent


                Amos Taylor                    Community Partner (Portsmouth Waste               

                Frank James                   Ebenezer Baptist Church

                Sandra Christmas           Life Enrichment Center

Shaniqua Vines             LEVOC Family Services

Click here for a copy of the Title Parent & Family Engagement Policy

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